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The Creation of Your Website

Whether your goal is to redesign your current website or create a new site Utopian Empire Creativeworks provides all of the services you desire – from concept to completion.

This is the first stage. We determine your goals and objectives in the creation or recreation of your web site. Notes are taken, many questions are asked. We are now ready to begin the process of putting your ideas down on paper.

Outline Web Pages / Diagram Web Site Flow
In a very short time we have arrived at an exciting moment in the production of your web site. You can begin to “see” how the site will be organized and we will draw up a general idea of the type of content you desire in each section and on each web page.

Our trademark is to create web sites that are clean, load quickly, are navigatable, and easily accessible from any type of computer. Our web sites imploy fonts that are common to all computers, and attractive graphics that load quickly.

Production -MORE INFO
During this process we post your site to our server upon request in order that you will see it progress. It is always easier to make changes to your site as it is under development, and our goal is to satisfy you in every way that we are able.

Hosting -RATES
Upon the completion of the web site and your final approval, the site is posted to the Internet. Utopian Empire Creativeworks can register your domain name, as well as provide hosting services. Unlike most of our competitors, we are a one stop solution. Of course if you desire, we can provide your web site on a CD-ROM for hosting on your corporate intranet, or upload your site directly to your host of choice. In other words it is all about you. Meeting your expectations and needs are the purpose or our existance since 1970.

Web Site Maintenance and Updates -MORE INFO
Many of our clients choose to have Utopian Empire Creativeworks join their team as a partner providing updates to your site on an ongoing basis. We endeavor to keep your site fresh and new to keep visitors coming back to your site time and time again.

What is the cost?
Our goal is to create a web site that represents one of the best values in the marketplace. Our web team is experienced and efficient. This all adds up to cost savings for you and/or your enterprise. As a rough guideline web sites may cost:

  • Individual / Small Business
    This is an entry level website that may include up to five pages and employs a minimal use of original graphics. This website is most often used for general information or marketing. It is not interactive, but rather informational. Typical Cost: ($800-$2,500)

  • Professional
    Increased sophistication (5-10 pages, simple graphics, interactive menus) makes this choice perfect for businesses or professionals to market products or services. ($1,500-$5,000)

  • Business
    A larger website with more graphics than the other categories (10-20 pages, moderate use of graphics, interactive menus). This is a good choice for businesses who want an online product catalog with some e-commerce capabilities. ($2,500-$25,000)

  • Domain Name Registration
    We will register your own internet ( domain name for $20.00 each year (plus $0.50 ICANN fee). Other domain name extensions such as .org may be slightly more expensive.

  • E-mail
    E-mail is included FREE with hosted accounts. We provide e-mail for unhosted accounts as well. Prices begin at $29.99 per year.

  • Options
    Add e-commerce, additional pages, animated graphics, multimedia elements and more to your new or updated web site.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please call us at (231) 943-5050 or send an e-mail to to explore your goals and objectives for a website.

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